Funds Application Form


Before starting this form you should be aware you will be held accountable for all the information provided within this form. Any intentionally incorrect, false or misleading information, the Nawaal Fund may seek legal advice to report you for fraud.

Criteria Area: Please note; we only accept applications from within the Central London boundary of the North Circular and South Circular Roads. Applications received from outside this London boundary will not be accepted

Filling in this form

To allow your form to be processed in a timely manner please ensure ALL the information provided in this form is accurate and as detailed as possible. Your full financial situation must be given. Forms submitted with incomplete information may result in your application being delay or rejected. Simply applying for funds does NOT mean automatic approval of your application. For help completing this form please email

What to submit

You MUST provide clear photocopies of ALL the following documents with your application (if applicable)

  • Your photo ID (this must be a passport, driving licence or any similar official government issued ID)
  • ID for all dependents mentioned within this form (copies of passport or birth certificates)
  • Rental, tenancy or mortgage agreement
  • Council tax
  • Benefit payments (includes child benefit, child or working tax credit, job seekers allowance, disability allowance, housing and council tax benefits, child maintenance payments, universal credits or any other form of benefit or credits)
  • Proof of income (your most recent payslip)
  • Bank statement (most recent)
  • Utility bills (most recent)
  • Documented/written proof of debts
  • Other documents/s that outline your financial or immigration status All documents once submitted become the property of the Nawaal Fund and will therefore NOT be returned to you (please do NOT submit originals).

Application process & decision

The Nawaal Fund will examine your application and contact the two references to verify your information.

Whilst processing your application the Nawaal Fund may contact, in confidence, other organisations or individuals it sees fit in order to help reach a decision on your application.

The approximate processing time for applications is 10 workings days. This may be extended if the Nawaal Fund needs further information to help reach a decision.

If your application is successful you may not necessarily receive the full amount requested. Any funds paid may include payment by means of supermarket vouchers or similar forms of acceptable means of exchange for goods and services, payment directly to your landlord or payment directly to your creditors.

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