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Supporting the Needy and Zakat Payers

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Backed by Scholars

Local Distribution

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100% Donations Distribution

Supporting the Needy and Zakat PayersLearn moreDonate

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100% Donations Distribution

Supporting the Needy and Zakat Payers


Backed by scholars

Local distribution

Your Local Neighbourhood Zakah Distributors

Collecting zakah and sadaqah to assist local residents in London

100% donation distribution policy. Our goal is to get the funds to where they have the most benefit. The poor include women, children, men, and orphans.

Our Approvals Panel includes widely recognised and respected members of the Hackney Indian (Gujarati) Muslim community. See list of Trustees and Scholars

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Pillar of Islam

Meeting Zakat Obligations with No Overhead.


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Give the funds where they are needed most..

If Nawaal hadn’t supported me and my children, we would have been on the street. I’m grateful for helping me in my time of crises.Sister NBF1

JazakAllah for the support, it’s allowed me to continue my university, meet associated costs and successfully complete my exams.Brother NBF10

Due to generous donations from the local community (via Nawaal) we’ve been able to stock emergency food for our women and children for when they first arrive in the refuge. Without Nawaal’s help we wouldn’t have been able to give the women and children peace of mind and comfort whilst they settle into their new environment.Sister
Manager, Local Womens ’Shelter

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100% Distribution

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