If you wish to apply for financial assistance from the Nawaal Fund please download our application form below and complete it.

URGENT NEEDS: If you or someone you’re concerned about has an urgent need for basics such as food, child/baby items or gas/electricity top-up, please email us directly with the details on (emails are checked regularly throughout the day)


Once completed, the form should be emailed back to us for processing. You can also complete and submit the form online here.Online-Application-Form

At the Nawaal Fund all applications are initially assessed by experienced case officers who carry our checks on applicants ID, financial situation and references. Once the case officer has made the necessary checks a recommendation is put forward to an Approvals Panel, which includes a scholar well-versed in the juristic rulings of zakat and sadaqah. Before a final decision is made on each application the Panel rigorously examines the case and the submitted evidential documents. Where the Panel requires further information such as filling any financial ‘gaps’ in the applicant’s financial status or background, further questions will be asked, which sometimes includes the need for applicants to submit additional evidence. The diagram below gives an indicative outline of the process all applications go through. We intend to process applications within 10 working days, applications which are complex, incomplete or require further information may take longer. Nawaal Application Form

If you wish to make a regular donation to the Nawaal Fund please download our standing order form from this link and complete it. Once completed, the form should be emailed back to us. (Or) Apply online from this link.

We have temporarily made a change in the manner we process new applications. If you are a referral organisation, charity or community group please email us at to obtain an application form for your client.

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