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We would be grateful if you can please add an additional voluntary 15p (fifteen pence) on top of your total donation to cover the cost of the charge levied by the bank to process your payment. So if your donation is for £500 please donate £500.15p. If you decide not to pay 15p we will make that payment for you from our admin funds.

To make a Zakat only donation please click ZAKAT DONATION.

To make a Lillah/Voluntary-Sadaqah only donation please click LILLAH/SADAQAH DONATION

To make a Other/Misc only donation (such as qurbani, Wajib-Sadaqah) please click OTHER/MISC DONATION

If you have any problems making a donation please email [email protected] (emails are checked numerous times throughout the day)

Standing Order Form

If you wish to make a regular donation to the Nawaal Fund please download our standing order form from this link and complete it. Once completed, the form should be emailed back to us.

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